The art of the Equinoterapia

El arte de la Equinoterapia
The equinoterapia is defined by the experts like “a modality
Therapeutic complementary in which the horse is the conductive thread to work psychic pathologies, physical and social”.

According to the experts, the three-dimensional movements of the horse stimulate the muscles and articulations of the patient. Besides, the corporal temperature of the animal favours the muscular relaxation, strengthening so much the psychic area like physics. The therapeutic work of the horse also spans other appearances of the person, like the psychological and emotional area, with an increase of the confidence, potenciación of the self-esteem or the correction of problems of

"The art of the equinoterapia" has like aim give to know this method of rehabilitation and helps complementary to the people that it desconoce, and expand the information that some people have in his have on this subject.

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